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CompTIA Research Report: 2019 Trends in Internet of Things

CompTIA LogoIoT has moved beyond buzzword status and into a major area of investment.

In the latest research report from CompTIA, learn how much of the IoT market is reality and how much is just hype. In this report you learn four key takeaways.


Internet of Things has a broad ecosystem

While the initial impression of the Internet of Things trend may be about the “things,” there is more to IoT than just hardware.


Internet of Things initiatives span the entire business

Rather than being standalone IT projects, 63% of companies with current IoT initiatives say that they are incorporating IoT technology into existing business processes.


Internal and external skills are needed for success

IoT-specific roles such as IoT Architect or IoT Security Specialist are not the only things companies should consider as they are trying to close their skill gaps.


Financial implications are difficult to calculate

Although 35% of companies view IoT through the traditional IT lens of cutting costs, 31% take the view that IoT can help drive new revenue.