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CompTIA Research Report: Building Smarter Cities and Communities

CompTIA LogoSmart City trends can be best described as the application of technology to solve real-world community problems. 

In the latest research report from CompTIA, learn how visible problems, such as traffic congestion or parking headaches, that could benefit from technology.


Elevating the understanding of smart city concepts will take time; ‘bridge technologies’ can help

Despite the growing number of smart city initiatives underway, the trend still has a ways to go before it fully resonates with stakeholders.


Making the leap from digital to smart requires advances on many fronts

To make the leap from digital to smart requires more than deploying a new mobile app and a few sensors.


Data is critical to smart city success...and one of the most challenging components to get right

There are many moving parts to the data component of smart city pursuits. It must be assumed local governments, which lack deep data expertise, will face many data-related hurdles


Ensuring smart cities are cyber-safe will require resources and a commitment to shared responsibility

As smart city initiatives move into the realm of critical infrastructure and tapping into new streams of sensitive data, the consequences of inadequate cyber-security defenses become even more dire.